This Chrome extension lets you watch videos while searching YouTube, just like on mobile

One of my favorite features of YouTube’s mobile apps is the ability to minimize a video to a thumbnail and continue watching it while searching for another clip.Read more….

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Want to save time managing your WordPress weblogs? Control them all with CMS Commander!

Do you have to manage many WordPress sites, either for your clients or blogs that are your own? If so you certainly know how much time that can take on a daily basis. Time that is spent on mundane administrative tasks and then missing from your important business tasks. CMS Commander is an online service that aims to solve this problem and make managing multiple WordPress weblogs as fast and easy as controlling a single site. By placing all your weblogs into one powerful dashboard CMS Commander makes it possible to update, backup and manage them all in bulk at the same time. Features of CMS Commander include: 1-click Updates of plugins, themes and WordPress on all sites Automatic scheduled WordPress backups Website cloning and restoring Uptime monitoring and Analytics integration Bulk posting and automatic content While CMS Commander can be used for free a premium account will give you access to several special features and allows you to manage more websites. Sign up for a free account on now to start controlling all your weblogs from one dashboard and enjoy the best way to manage multiple WordPress sites!

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How to set up a personalized start page on your own domain that works everywhere

Check it out here

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Google is about to start favoring HTTPS sites in search results

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Marketing’s secret sauce

Check it out here

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Send Talking Messages!

Email Revolutionized! Be the first to send talking messages with GetResponse Email-to-Speech!

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Create stunning pages in minutes!

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15 Tested and tried ways in which to create Your Subscriber List

A list of engaged subscribers is one among the foremost effective and reliable promoting resources. a decent list therefore valuable that it can’t be bought. Why? as a result of once subscribers sign on for your list, they’re language up to listen to from you and your company. Subscribers have to be compelled to be attained. What ar the most effective ways in which to create a list? We’ve collected the highest fifteen to share with you nowadays.

The permission model permits you to fill your audience with folks that are genuinely inquisitive about your complete and what you have got to mention

With info collected throughout sign-up (or later), you’ll exactly phase your list and style your email communication to fit your reader’s preferences.

As you attract qualified leads, you’ll be able to guide them through the decision-making method by orienting content to specific shopping for cycle stages.

Take a glance at the fifteen tips we’ve collected to assist you build your email promoting list:

Offer quality content. no one provides up their email address at no cost. If you wish to create a valuable relationship and interact your audience, you would like to supply content that’s worthy and fascinating.

Put sign-up forms on each website. Your sign-up type ought to be everyplace your potential subscribers are. Check that it’s visible and straightforward to fill out.

Use social media to gather email addresses. Integrate your sign-up forms with social media platforms. Driving traffic from multiple sources permits you to create a powerful email promoting list abundant quicker.

Design your sign-up type fastidiously. raise just for info you intend to use. a decent rule of thumb is that less is a lot of — the shorter the sign-up type, the upper the conversion rate.

Show your privacy policy. Inform your readers that you simply won’t share their personal info with third parties. a transparent privacy policy helps you build trust and persuade guests that it’s safe to subscribe.

Show samples of your content. Let your subscribers understand what they’re language up for. Use your older content samples to “sell” the e-mail sign-up.

Include a decision to action. place a decision to action in your submit button, e.g. Sign American state up! This makes the sign-up method a lot of participating and improves the conversion quantitative relation.

Give away freebies. consider a relevant incentive for your audience (e-book, infographic, whitepaper) and supply it at no cost.

Ask subscribers to share. Take the time to organize valuable, shareable content. keep in mind that golf shot the social share buttons isn’t enough; you continue to got to raise your subscribers to use them.

Build a content distribution strategy. manufacturing nice content is merely 0.5 the battle. check that it’s visible to the correct audience. outline World Health Organization your ideal audience is and establish wherever they prefer to congregate on-line. Then select communication channels consequently.

Publish landing pages. produce a squeeze page wherever guests will transfer premium content in exchange for his or her email address. a fervent website helps users concentrate on the decision to action and will increase conversions.

Include testimonials on your landing page. Social proof helps build trust toward a complete and its product. Use testimonials from happy customers to assist guests build a call.

Blog often. nice content brings a lot of traffic. Develop a practical content business schedule and continue it.

Guest post on widespread blogs. business your content on different blogs could be a good way to create relationships with different bloggers in your trade and introduce yourself to new individuals. embody a backlink to your journal, and your blog’s search rankings can go up.

Collect email addresses at offline events. Be able to collect email addresses at trade shows and conferences. invite business cards or use the Forms on the Go app to instantly add individuals to your list.

It’s time to induce started.

Now you recognize some of nice ways in which to create one among the foremost effective promoting assets — your email promoting list.

Want more? examine the new GetResponse List Building Program, accessible absolve to anyone with a GetResponse account — even a 30-Day Free Trial account. To sign on for our free course, log into your GetResponse account or head to

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is my first post and delighted to be doing it.For more about me check my welcome page

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Earn Lucrative Affiliate Commissions